Patient Viewer : A Gesamtkunstwerk

April 8th, 6-10pm
Xproject 109 N. Harrison, Richmond VA

An interactive work by Tara Strickstein and Jesse Yuhasz.

Space, dictating the psychology of interpersonal relationships, constructs a particular physical reality.
Under surveillance, these cognitive environments magnify the fragmented self, inverting the subject-object paradigm via arbitrary segregation.
Time is supposed to function like a door or a hall- through which we pass unawares; in waiting, the door jams and the hall is endless.
Waiting - - relearned as a form of attention.

* Thanks to the generosity of the Media /Art & Text program and the MATX
Student Guild of VCU.


Upcoming Show : Part Three : Sensitivity Training

Bloodshed Event presents Sensitivity Training, the third in a series of interactive situations by Tara Strickstein, rooted in social psychology and the seven deadly sins. Loosely based in Stanley Milgram’s studies on obedience, this concluding episode is sculpted as a means to maneuver human agency vis-à-vis sloth and wrath.


Dreispitzhalle June 16-20

Basel, Switzerland

Stuffed, gluttony and lust as an experience with transgender taxi dancers and a pie-eating competition, VOLTA/NY March 4-7, 2010.

Pataphor, pride, greed and envy in the form of a Japanese-style gameshow, NEXT- Art Chicago April 30-May 4, 2010.



Bloodshed Event presents Pataphor
NEXT, Art Chicago April 29- May 3

The second in a series of calculated situations rooted in social psychology and behavioral theory; the seven deadly sins incarnate.
Performed in an exaggerated and macabre game-show aesthetic, this interactive installation investigates zero-sum theory as it relates to pride, greed and envy.
Through a series of absurd feats of strength, wit and endurance, viewers-cum-participants will undergo a psychological re-valuation of symbols of victory.

*A pataphor is a semantic structure once removed from metaphor, to describe a separate world of assumptions two degrees from reality, abandoning the original context.


My upcoming project

Bloodshed Event presents Stuffed, the first in a new series of calculated situational constructs by artist Tara Strickstein, rooted in social psychology and behavioral theory. A means to maneuver human agency through subtle decision-making conflicts, this interactive performance work, featuring transgender taxi dancers and a pie-eating competition, investigates cognitive dissonance as it relates to gluttony and lust.

Pataphor (pride, greed and envy) will be exhibited at NEXT Art Fair, Chicago, April 29-May 3, 2010
Sensitivity Training (sloth and wrath) as part of VOLTA6, Basel, June 16-20, 2010.


Human Morality (Hauser)

Part 1 Marc Hauser lecture.

Decision theory and double effect

This is the second part of an edited version of Marc Hauser's lecture on human moral psychology.